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“I asked him a question that has haunted me for years.” A prominent Iraqi ambassador recalled his last meeting with Saddam Hussein.



Adnan Bachachi, a prominent Iraqi politician and diplomat, recounted in his memoirs details of what happened during his last meeting with former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in December 2003.

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A new chapter in his book, “Adnan Pachachi .. A Man Between Two Centuries”, published by the Rudov channel, covers his last encounter with Saddam Hussein in prison after his arrest in December 2003, when he was acting president. Of the Iraq Governing Council.

Bachachi wrote in his book: “On the day of Saddam Hussein’s arrest, I was unwell and had a high temperature. , And I said I did not know the news. Five minutes later, between 2003 and 2004, Paul Bremer, the US civilian governor of Iraq, called me: “I will. I want to inform you that we arrested Saddam yesterday. Believe me, your presence is important, I said: this is a great and historic event. Taner, I gave a quick speech during the conference and it was seen all over the world.

He continued, “Bremer then invited several members of the governing body to visit Saddam Hussein in prison so that the world could confirm this event, so I invited Iraqi politician Nasir Sadirji and another person I forgot to come to the helicopter airport for this purpose, and apologize for both of them attending. We asked, but Bremer and I were surprised to find Ahmed Salafi, Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Muwafaq al-Rubai at the airport without anyone calling, and while the three of them were in another helicopter, Bremer and I boarded a helicopter several times near Baghdad Airport. We came.

After more than one participant in the meeting spoke and said many untrue things, he described the events of that meeting in terms of how he lived and his vision: “US Commander Sanchez. Troops were waiting for us there. We entered a small and simple room, where I saw Saddam Hussein sitting on a bed reserved for soldiers, wearing a white T-shirt with a jacket (jacket) over it, and they shaved him. Hair and beard, so he looked at us, and I was surprised when Muwafak al-Rupee started the meeting by driving him insults and curses (you are such and such a son and your act), and these insults, and he continued, “Now you are fine, you There is courage, you look at the street. ” Saddam Hussein replied calmly and confidently: “Yes, I can go to the streets now, but you’re good, do you have the courage to go to the people on the streets now?” Then al-Rubayy said to him: Bakhir al-Sadr, then we sat in the chairs, stood next to Bremer Sanchez, to which Saddam replied sarcastically: (I do not know what you are talking about, Sadr, man) means foot, in the same way Adel Abdul-Mahdi insulted him, but more than al-Rupee To a lesser extent.

He continued: The strange thing about this meeting is that during our stay there, Ahmed Salafi did not say a word, except that Saddam Hussein asked about us (who the group was). So Salafi jumped fast from his place and pointed at me (this is Adnan al-Baja) ji), for example, instead of saying I am Ahmad Salafi or introduced him to Abdul-Mahdi and al-others. Rupee, after which Salafi remained silent without saying a word, i.e. everything he said during the interview which lasted for about 45 minutes. He said, “Yes, we know you, but your denial of your ignorance. We came to Iraq, “he said.” Our regime is democratic and we have elected the people. ” You will have saved the Iraqis and the Iraqi people from many disasters when you were in Kuwait. Considered one of the impossible demands. He replied, “History will rule.” Then I asked him: Why was your rule dictatorial and arbitrary? He replied: Iraq needs an honest and determined ruler, repeating his previous statement: However, history will judge.

Saddam Hussein and Ahmed Salafi during a meeting in prison
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Pachachi continued, “On the way back, Ahmed Salafi sat down next to me, he was quiet, so I asked him if he had anything, and I said to him: Why aren’t you against each other? He was scared, he was there. He was afraid to reveal it in general, what is this for?” I can not guess the reason, some assumptions are wrong. “

He said: “This person is Saddam Hussein, what a high position he was in, what fate he achieved, I thought a person should not be sad about the fate of others because there is no personal issue between me and Saddam Hussein, and the Ba’athists say I was wronged. No, no, they’re not wrong with me. ” On the contrary, they always treated me with respect and admiration, but I was deeply saddened to think of what had happened to my people and my country. The Kuwait issue. “

Source: “Rudov”

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