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I do not like the word heroism, I hit my son by Rana Rice


The most important and latest news for women today: Monday, December 13, 2021
With the details of that news: Women News: Majeed Al-Qadwani: I did not like the word heroism, I hit my son because of Rana Rice.


Egyptian artist Maket El-Kidwani was a guest on the “Al-Hekaya” show hosted by journalist Amr Adib on the “MBC Egypt” satellite channel yesterday evening.

Accuracy and quality of work are the most important things to me

Al-Kitwani said the idea of ​​extending the dramatic work of presenting a particular series with a certain number of episodes always occupies him, art is not measured by hours, but by the ratio of time endured by events.
The artist, Majeed Al-Kidwani, revealed the reason for not participating in any television work since 2007: “Some time ago I had the opportunity to participate in two series, but I (disappointed by grace) felt. I regretted and felt guilty,” he added: ” The suspense within comes at a fast tempo because I love accuracy.

The art community appreciates the workers

Al-Kitwani continued: “This matter is considered difficult now, but God does not waste the fatigue of a person working in this medium.”

The audience is the one who gives the title of hero to the actor

And in a poster for him about the importance of the championship and the artwork, al-Kidwani emphasized his disgust at the word “championship”: “I (a hero) can not say. In the past, I did. I do not care about my name in Tatar, the most important thing to me is, He says the viewer enjoys the movie (what’s this guy’s name?). The audience says it.
For the first time, star Majeed Al-Kitwani talks about his family life, pointing out that he has two children, first 26-year-old “Yusuf” and 22-year-old his daughter “Sandra”. He was married at the age of 26.
He continued, “My son studied cinema in the United States and participated with me in the recently shown series (Family Affairs) on the Shahid stage, where he played the role of Diab.”

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I abused Yusuf for harassing Rana Rice

Al-Kidwani reaffirmed his respect for each of his colleagues at work, and testified to this: “I abused my son for harassing him in the Rana Rice series because I did not recommend my son for any art work. He was selected by the directors.”

I’m proud of “Choice 2”

Majeed Al-Kitwani noted that he was very proud to be a part of the series “The Choice 2”: “I was so excited about this job, when Peter Mimi offered me the job, did I tell Kareem?”, While working with Kareem Abdel Aziz on “The Choice 2” Pointed out.

It is worth noting that Majeed Al-Kidwani will be shown the series “Family Matters”, which was the idea and director of Ahmed Al-Jundi, and also starred Muhammad Shaheen, Rana Rice, Sama Ibrahim, Taha Al-Desoki, and others. Produced by Ahmad Al-Janaini, and features a number of distinguished guests in each episode. Among them are artist Baomi Fouad, Ala Morsi, Sherin Reda and numerous stars. His chapters are written by Mohamed Eis and Kareem Youssef. , Ahmed Al-Jundi and Sameh Kamal, and it has only 10 chapters.

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