December 8, 2022

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حمدي المرغني

I have had a paper problem all my life .. Hamdi Al-Margani reveals the right way to write his name | News

Artist Hamdi al-Margani revealed the perfect way to spell his name when he appeared as a guest on Amr al-Laiddi on the show “One of the People” on the Al-Hayat channel.

Hamdi al-Margani said: “My name is Hamdi Ahmad Margani, without the letter Z between M and R.

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He added: “The name is of Sudanese descent because we were originally from Aswani, and my father worked as a beautician in Sudan. The name is not much in Sudan and Egypt, and that’s why to me.

It is worth noting that Hamdi al-Margani will be the guest of honor in the sixth installment of the series “The Great Away”, and the series will be directed by Ahmed al-Jundi, starring artist Ahmed Makki.

Hamdi al-Margani will also be seen in the upcoming film “Nile Crocodiles” and will finish filming his scenes in the film “Commercial Film” and will co-star with Ali in “Zombies on My Side”. Rabie, Hajar Ahmed and Wizo, and produced by Ahmed El Sobky.

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