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I have known her for 20 years and she has never heard anyone slander her


The journalist, Mahmoud Chad, revealed his old relationship with the star’s family, Hala Shiha, which dates back many years from the days when the retired artist participated in the series of the late Noor Sharif. The journey between them continued until we met him recently after his return from Canada, and he sat with him for hours.

She noted that she did not want to enter into the personal life between Hala Shiha and her husband Moyes Masood, who knew him only through his plans.

And the Egyptian journalist continued, “I would like to say that Hala Shiha is not confused and contradictory,” Who among us is not confused? .. Who among us does not have an eye in heaven and an eye in hell? “Relax without being insulted. If you want to be insulted, I do not mind being insulted. I wanted to remain calm until it was a trend.

Mahmoud Chad continued his show “Vance” on his “YouTube” channel, one day, many years ago, he talked to Um Hala Shiha, and he wanted his daughter, a star, to wear the hijab for a while, after which she sat with a solution for six hours. , She told him about the dreams that advised her of that decision, and she told him not to be a journalist, not to influence anyone personally, he told her mother to leave her at that time, in fact Hala was wearing hijab for the first time.

Mahmoud Saad praised Hala Shiha’s character and her morals, he had known her for about 20 years, pointing out that she was a character of hers “a mess and we are all like that … but she is a very nice girl, very limited and simple dreams. She is talking about a monster or someone. I have never seen him speak slanderously.

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He continued: “I married Hala Shiha … to get married and simplify … what’s the problem? … I have nothing to do with or against Hala, but by God, this is not a good thing.”

For his part, retired artist Hala Shiha sent a letter of thanks to Mahmoud Sath. He said on Instagram: “Mahmoud Saad is one of the most beautiful people you have ever met in your life.”

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