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I haven’t signed a final purchase agreement with npi.. if that happens, I want to go back to Zamalek


Zamalek’s right-back belbalady Ahmed Eid said he has not signed his final transfer deal to Enppi, while insisting that if that happens, he wants to return to the white club.

Ahmed Eid spent the last season of the league on loan at NPP.

Ahmed Eid spoke to the Zamalek TV channel: “I will attend the training session on Saturday. Zamalek is my number one and I will return to it as long as it needs me, not to talk about anything, on the orders of the club.”

And he added, “I want to stay in Zamalek and give something special in the Arab Championship.”

Regarding his message to the club’s fans, he said: “Don’t be afraid Zamalek, we will restore the joy. This is one season, it’s over and we will work to win the championship next season.”

When asked what was being raised about his signing of a permanent purchase agreement with Enppi, Ahmad Eid replied, “I didn’t sign any final sale agreement, it was just a loan agreement with Enppi, and I don’t know what that says.”

And, “Although there is an object to buy, I want a big club, he treated me well, but I want to be in Zamalek and I love Zamalek, because in Egypt I usually do not do the object of buying any club.”

Ayman Al-Shari was revealed to be the leader of the Regarding Ahmed Eid’s delay in returning to his club after confirming he had signed a loan deal with the right to buy.

Al-Sharie’i added, “When we signed Eid, he didn’t play with Zamalek and he didn’t succeed in loaning him, and the success he has now is because of Enpi, and it’s part of the club’s identity, and it’s ability to extract what is needed from the player.”

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And he continued, “When we signed him on loan, he was two years into his contract and didn’t sign a renewal with Zamalek. Normally, if I want to loan any player whose contract is about to expire, it’s natural that I renew him before letting him leave.”

Al-Shariai continued, “This is the issue. The main thing is not for Ahmed Eid to play with Enppi or Zamalek. The player signed a loan contract with the right to buy, and there is an additional condition documented in the Football Association whereby the player agrees – with his signature – to go permanently to Enppi.”

And he continued, “Now, when he joins us, he has to sign a separate contract, but when he came to us, he did the same thing he did to Zamalek and he asked for time to think, so we left him without a problem because we dealt differently. I spoke to the player myself until the last day of the loan and he asked for another offer.

He added, “If he refuses, I don’t have a problem with it, it’s his right, my objection is all right. He wants to keep the doors open here and there, if it wasn’t for the NB and Zamalek administrations, they would never have been different and the situation would not have worsened. The player should know that he has a certain role and he should be punished.”

He concluded the piece: “I sent Zamalek and the Football Association’s managing director, Walid al-Attar, to execute the buyout clause for £3m.”

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