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“I quit acting and only work with Ahmed McGee” (video)


Artist Hussein Abu Hajjaj, a guest on the Heliopolis show aired on a satellite channel such as:

The artist, Hussein Abu Hajjaj, has revealed his retirement from acting, but apart from working with artist Ahmed Makki through the series “The Great Away”, the latest is the sixth episode, which was shown during the Ramadan season. 2022.

He said he would love to work with artist Ahmed Makki and director Ahmed Al-Jundi and that the cast of the Al-Kabeer series has been working together for 6 years.

Hussein Abu Hajjaj retires

He noted that he had refused to work with artist Akram Hosni and was determined to work with artist Ahmed Makki: “Thank God, my financial situation is stable and I am satisfied with my role.”

And he continued: “I have a problem with the knees, I refuse to change the joints, my health does not allow,” he said about continuing his work in his workshop: “Workshop for me is the place where people eat, why do I close it?”

Hussein Abu Hajjaj added: “I know artists who do not have food to eat … The shop is located in front of the Cultural Palace and a director Fawazir was filming on Channel 7, when he saw me in the workshop and there. He told me to work with you for five episodes.”

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Statements by Hussein Abu Hajjaj

After the film “Side at the American University”, he spoke about the details of his conflict with artist Mohamed Hendy during his last televised interview: “After the role of Louie, Mohamed Hendy refused to work with me. I starred in the film Side at American University.

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The artist added: “After the film, I went to him at one of his plays and greeted him and asked him if we would work together again, but if people at the American university forgot about my role in the Syd movie, he replied, ‘We can work.’

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And he concluded: “I’m sorry for this situation. If the actor wins a role or area, he’s used again, but he’s finally free … I love and respect him so much.”

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