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I remember soon, then my mind, then I will go crazy and die!


In sad and painful words, a young Saudi man over the age of 21 addressed his fans and followers on Twitter: “Unfortunately, after suspecting I have (dangerous family insomnia) syndrome, it is one of the rarest diseases. The world, but thank God, I’m in the first stage of the syndrome, which has 4 stages and ends with death, the syndrome lasts for 7-42 months, I pray you heal, maybe one of you is closer to God than I am. “
Walid al-Tamimi, a young Saudi man who spoke to about his illness, said, “Insomnia is very different from the most common disease and dangerous insomnia. The syndrome is hereditary and has its own genes. , My injury is the first injury, the first and youngest to suffer from a non-genetic disorder. “
He added, “The syndrome lasts for 7-42 months, with 4 stages, first: partial insomnia and lasting five months, second: hallucinations, fear and panic, lasting two years and 4 months, and third stage: inability to sleep, it is 6 It will take months. ” The last and most advanced stage is memory loss and some brain systems stop working, and it lasts for five months, which ends with death.

He said doctors had told him there was no cure for the syndrome, and that all the victims had completed all stages of the disease, and he said: “I had a suspicion 5 years ago that I had the syndrome, and I was tested. It was 5 days and I did not inform my mother about my illness but told her to travel for my illness. “To Switzerland for treatment, a simple disease.
He added, “With sadness and grief … from next February until my last days, I will not be able to see the greatest man and my dearest (my mother) because she cannot. Travel because of her health, after a year I will start to forget 70 percent of my memory, and my mind will stop some of its work and for the last 3 years of my life I will be crazy in the far corners of the world.

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Al-Tamimi explained that his family accepted the news of his illness, and naturally, this news struck my father and brother like a thunderbolt because only they knew the nature of my illness, and, “the doctors explained. My father was in a coma for a whole day because of the nature of my illness and the stages I was going through. So he did not accept the news and I chose to stay for it. In the hospital for the rest of my life, my father took me to the hospital and conditioned me to return to Saudi Arabia a week later.
He continued, “During the first two days of my acquaintance, it was normal, but then the situation changed. I will go to Zurich to protect my family from my actions because the disease causes paranoia and hallucinations. There are more than one hospital that deals with the owners of dangerous family insomnia.”

He continued, “The dream of my life is to live with my family, even my father wants me to be with them, but after a year the disease starts to do things that are harmful to me and for the last 6 months this disease, I can not talk, think or move, Then death. “
Also “Walid Al-Tamimi” is a young man studying final year in software at the College of Technology and Information at King Abdulaziz University. I was in Zurich with a volunteer job and I’ll be back today to finish my life with it. “

He concluded his speech by saying: “I believe in God’s command and destiny.

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