January 30, 2023

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I tried Apple's self repair program on my iPhone.  A catastrophe happened.

I tried Apple’s self repair program on my iPhone. A catastrophe happened.

I tried Apple’s self repair program on my iPhone. A catastrophe happened.

To my surprise, the last few steps were very annoying. When we restarted the phone, a warning message came that the battery and unknown parts on the screen had been replaced. This was annoying because the battery was part of the original Apple order. The screen was also original as it came from another iPhone.

However, to complete the repair, one must use a self-repair program to activate the system configuration, which involves contacting a remote customer support representative to confirm and match the serial number on the phone. Only then will the patch be checked and the warning message will disappear.

Apple’s self-repair site sent me an online application to chat with a representative. There, an employee named Carlos plugged in the phone and told me to switch to detection mode by pressing three buttons for a long time.

I have tried this step several times. Nothing happened.

Carlos stuck the same steps with the buttons. Tried again. Again. I could not start making a diagnosis until I consulted an online forum posted by someone one step above.

In over 30 minutes, we were done. Unknown battery warning message has disappeared.

Apple said it welcomes feedback as it continues to develop a plan to revise itself. So here it is. Like any new technological tool, this software is a young product with its own pros and cons and the potential to be much better.

There are some benefits to better quality and cheaper repairs for everyone. Now Mr. All independent repair technicians, including Good, have access to Apple devices. (He said he could buy an extruder from Apple to seal the iPhones.) Everyone can now read the official instructions on how to pick up and repair.

But the whole experience is not simple, and even for those who are trying, Apple has great control over asking what is allowed for its fixes. If you install Apple components like a working screen taken from another iPhone, it should work – period.

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