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I try to be in tune with the new generation in my songs


Artist Raqeb Alama released a video clip in Egyptian titled “May I Asalaq” which caused a great deal of controversy among the audience, as Alama explained, expressing his great joy.

He mentioned that he was trying to keep pace with the new generation in his art releases and promised his followers that he would release a series of songs in the coming days.

In an exclusive interview with, the owner of the song “Bakra Pram Tolapi”, the artist is very happy to enjoy singing without his dialect because it is a testament to his openness to cultures and to some he expresses his appreciation. Gulf artists, artists Nabil Shuwail, Majeed Al-Mohandes and more recently Emirati Hussein Al Jazmi, who sang in the Lebanese dialect, sang “Hot Al Sama Ma Behbak” in the Lebanese dialect.

Artist Raheb Allama also touched on a concert he recently performed at the “Expo Dubai” Theater, and noted that he has a great sense of humor while standing on the stage, especially due to the enormous and historic achievements of the United Arab Emirates. Because of the corona infection, he still feels scared before going on stage.

Ragab Alama

He found that Lebanon was trying to send a message to the people with the song “Fly in the Country” which he released many years ago that clearly reflected the current reality of this “wounded and looted” country.

As for whether Lebanon would choose a second homeland if not his own, he said Lebanon was his homeland because the Emirates was his homeland, and the latter was his place of residence, and Louie, who had chosen his two sons Khalid and the Emirates as their second homeland, wanted to live in Lebanon after they left.

Ragab Alama

Ragab Alama

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Rap Alama added, “He is proud of his long and continuous artistic career of over 35 years, and he is proud of this success and continuity, which came out of nowhere, but because of his hard work and enthusiasm, he says, there is no regret in his life , But he tries to learn from any setbacks or setbacks he faces in his art career.

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