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“Identity and Nationality” defines 6 requirements for requesting cancellation of residency without sponsored persons


This includes all residences through a smart service system

Abu Dhabi: Imad Edin Khalil

The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Port Security, through the Smart Services System for Citizenship and Citizenship, provides customers through its official website and smart application, the service of submitting a request for approval of cancellation. Sponsorship Residency without cancellation of Sponsorship Residency specifies 6 requirements to obtain it.

“Identity and Nationality” stated that these requirements were; It is: “The sponsored person must be within the country, and the duration of the sponsored person’s stay should not be less than (90) days, and the sponsor’s residence must follow the new emirate and sponsor’s administration. Financial penalties should not be incurred to recover the financial guarantee, and the validity period for cancellation of residence without sponsored persons is (29) days from the date of approval of the application, and when renewing the residence, the residence of the sponsored person should be followed. Management of New Emirate and Sponsor.

The Commission has specified 3 documents and documents required to submit a request for residence cancellation permit service without sponsored persons, which include “signed and stamped cancellation certificate from the company (current sponsor), passport copies of all sponsored persons, and front and back of Emirates ID card for all sponsored persons. Copy.

In relation to applying for the service, foreigners residing in the country can request service procedures covering all types of residency through multiple methods, which is the website. Login with UAEICP Authority’s Smart Application digital ID or username, search for service to apply for, fill applicable application data, pay service fee, visit Customer Happiness Centers to apply or print offices authorized by visiting authority.

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After 30 days he confirmed that the application will be rejected electronically, if the application is withdrawn due to defects in data or failure to complete the required documents, the application will be automatically rejected. 3 times, if the application is rejected due to deficiencies in data or failure to complete the required documents, only the supply charges and guarantees will be refunded – if any.

The authority pointed out that the fees will be refunded by credit card within a period not exceeding six months from the date of submission of the application, or by check or bank transfer – through payment recovery procedures for banks. Stated that the rules and regulations are subject to change only within the country – and for a period not exceeding five years. Subject to change without notice.

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