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Imdad is setting up a waste-to-fuel plant



Treats 300 tons of waste

December 25, 2023

14:38 PM

Imdad is setting up a waste-to-fuel plant

Dubai: “The Gulf”
Imdad, one of the largest integrated facilities management companies in the Middle East, announced the establishment of an innovative waste-derived fuel plant in the UAE.
A newly constructed waste-to-fuel processing plant was installed at the “Farz” facility located in the National Industrial Complex.
The advanced waste-derived fuel plant is capable of processing 300 tonnes of non-combustible, non-recyclable waste into clean energy suitable for industrial use and manufacturing processes. In line with the UAE's larger environmental mission, it will help Imdad and Fars divert large amounts of municipal solid waste from landfills.
Installed in 2020, the sorting facility can process 1,200 tons of waste per day, of which 50 percent is recovered as valuable recyclable materials. However, the remaining waste is sent to a landfill. With the installation of an advanced waste-to-fuel plant at the “Farz” facility, it is now possible to convert recycled waste residues into clean energy. Providing energy to various industries.
positive effect
Imdad Chief Operating Officer Mahmood Rasheed said, “The establishment of a waste-to-fuel filling station is a fantastic achievement and an important addition to our waste management capabilities. At a time when the world is struggling with the harmful effects of climate change, it helps us to have a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions. The launch of the station is in support of our firm commitment to sustainability and the UAE's mission to achieve a circular economy. We at Imdaad strive to serve communities more efficiently and productively, and relentlessly invest and innovate to protect the planet and make this world a better place to live.
The clean energy generated can be used to run a plant or easily stored, transported and delivered. Alternative to coal and other fossil fuels to provide energy to other industries like cement factories. Through these initiatives, Imdad continues to cement its position as a leading, technology-driven company in the waste management industry, contributing to environmental protection and sustainable economic growth.

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