June 3, 2023

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Important Assembly Elections for Macron - Al-Ittihad Newspaper

Important Assembly Elections for Macron – Al-Ittihad Newspaper

Paris (agencies)

Expectations were high in France yesterday ahead of the first round of assembly elections, which will determine the fate of President Emmanuel Macron’s absolute majority in the National Assembly. With this absolute or comparative majority, the fate of the reform plans that the French president wants to carry out during his second term after his re-election on April 24 will depend, especially on pensions.
In these elections, which will take place in two sessions, Sunday and June 19, 48 million French voters were called to renew all seats in the National Assembly, i.e. 577 delegates.
As of yesterday, voting had begun in many French overseas regions, especially in Guadeloupe and Martinique. Results are expected this evening with the rest of France.
In French Polynesia and eleven constituencies in France living abroad, the first round actually took place on June 4-5, and Macron’s ally, former Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls, was disqualified.
The campaign, which did not appeal much to the French, ended at midnight on Friday.
Polls for voting purposes “Together!” The alliance, which includes Macron and his allies, faces stiff competition from a coalition of left-wing parties led by Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon.
The far-right party, led by Marin Le Pen, will come in third, far ahead of the traditional right.
As for expectations about seats in the second round, polls suggested Macron and his allies in advance.

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