June 2, 2023

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In Dubai, he grows fruits and vegetables in the desert

Who has never dreamed of a radical change in their lives? However, Lot-ed-Coronois, Mohamed Assoui, who was born in the bastard of Villeneuve-sur-Lot, did not force fate. This change occurred “naturally” during the trip to Dubai. The incredible architectural city with its magnificent beach and its luxurious environment has become clear. “I was there to see friends who immigrated there,” he says.

He falls under the spell. “I was at a crossroads in my career and we look forward to the challenges ahead. Dubai offers impressive potential,” Villenovois explains. The following year, he left his comfortable home in Bond-to-Cas and flew to Dubai with his wife and their two children. .

First, he is in his engineering field. Quickly, one thing became clear to him: “I realized that there are so many beautiful buildings, so many beautiful cars and so many beautiful women. Everything is wonderful except everything: the food”.

900 different types

He did not hide his frustration by eating fruits and vegetables


Then he matured into this utterly insane project: growing fruits and vegetables in the middle of the desert. A bold and paid bet for Mohamed Assoui who “wanted to renew his heritage from an ordinary family”. His youth suddenly reappears.

To the point where he loaded the seeds with seeds “not really knowing what to do with them”. One day, like the others, the children were looking for an activity around the block. “I gave them cucumber and melon seeds.” He still laughs about it today. “They started planting. It was a success. My farm Dubai project was born thanks to the kids.”

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The reflection begins with his “agricultural or energy knowledge” accumulated during his studies at the Agency or during his career. An equation to solve: “How do such species fit into the desert”.

Based on the strength of multiple meetings, he builds partnerships that allow him to get started. He multiplies the tests “with 20% success”. “In full sun, you can reach over 65 C,” he insists. Temperatures can be “devastating to everything” especially in a state where it never rains.

Thanks to his determination and cooperation, he achieves the unthinkable. Mohammed started with 150 types. “Today, we are 900 years old”, he notes with the dominance of tomatoes, which is the “No. 1 fruit”.

His Emirati farm has been in production for “nine to ten months” where everything is automated based on irrigation. Mohamed Izoui employs two workers on his farm. “We have practically no waste, not even a refrigerator to store things.” Consumers come to pick fruits and vegetables “as soon as they are good to eat”. What a big smile to give him.