June 27, 2022

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In just one hour..the promising treatment for prostate cancer

In just one hour..the promising treatment for prostate cancer

Surgeons at University College Hospital in London have discovered a new way to treat prostate cancer in just one hour.

One method researchers believe could change the course of prostate cancer treatment is to use electricity to destroy hard-to-reach tumors.

Ancient methods of treatment for this type of cancer include radiation therapy or prostate removal, which has caused many side effects such as urinary incontinence, incontinence and loss of sexual ability.

Surgeons called the new treatment NanoKnife, and it is based on sending rapid electrical impulses to the tumor, which cuts out cancer cells without any incision in the skin.

And according to the website of The New Zealand Herald newspaper, surgeons have performed six surgeries on patients with prostate cancer so far.

The newspaper quoted Professor Mark Emberton, a nephrologist at the University of California, as saying: “It’s a new way to destroy cancer cells, and it’s very simple, and surgeons can quickly train in it.

According to Sky News Arabia, “the treatment is fantastic and helps to reach the tumors in areas not reached by the scalp,” Emberton added.

“Because the treatment can be done within an hour, surgeons can usually perform at least twice as many surgeries without having to stay in the hospital, while it usually takes a routine operation,” the urologist explained.

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