June 5, 2023

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In the semi-finals of the Arab Cup.. Today, the coast team will face Palestine

Muhammad Murad – Hassan Al Sadani

Friday, May 19, 2023 07:15 AM

Faces Beach team The semi-final of the Arab Beach Soccer Cup currently underway in Saudi Arabia and the strong competition for its events will be led by his coach Mustafa Lutfi on Friday at seven o’clock in the evening and the Palestinian coach will conclude on Saturday.

The Egyptian national team qualified after defeating Mauritania 3-8 in the quarter-finals, with Haitham Costa scoring two goals, Abdel Rahman El Shafee Toto scoring two goals and Al Husseini Taha, Mustafa Shika, Mohamed Abdel Nabi Louha and Ahmed Isha each scoring a goal.

The Palestine national team qualified for the role after eliminating hosts Saudi Arabia by three goals to five.

The Egyptian and Palestinian teams met at the end of the group stage, with the Pharaohs winning three goals to two.

The task is headed by the member of the board of directors of the football association and beach soccer supervisor Muhammad Abu Al-Wafa, and the assistant technical staff includes general coach Ahmed Abu Sari, goalkeeper coach Muhammad Fawzi, Dr. Muhammad Akmal, Head of Medical Staff, Abbas Hassanein, Masseur, and Islam Shaker, Work Manager.

The list of players includes Zizo Al-Sabah, Muhammad Al-Sayed, Ibrahim Hassan, Mustafa Samir, Mustafa Ahmed, Hassan Muhammad, Mustafa Sassa, Haitham Atef, Ahmed Isha, Ismail Bahjad, Abdul Rahman Al-Shafee, Muhammad Abdul Nabi and Al-Hussaini Taha. .

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