June 2, 2023

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In the video .. A defensive deal in al-Ahli and angry and copper talks on Musimani

In the video .. A defensive deal in al-Ahli and angry and copper talks on Musimani

The board of directors of the Al-Ahly Club, led by Mahmoud al-Qadib, has been working to support the teams of the first football team with top players with the best experience and talent to help them compete in the Championships again.

A famous defensive deal in al-Ahly

Betsou Mossiman, the South African coach of the Al-Ahly club’s first football team, asked the Red Fort to sign a famous defender to join the team in the new season.

Mohamed Abdel Monim, al-Ahly’s defender, who was credited with the Smaha team, was scheduled to return, but Smoha club president Faraj Amar insisted that Hosam Hassan was a player on contract. To get.

Mosimani’s anger

Al-Ahly’s first football team’s South African coach, Pitcho Mossimane, has come under heavy criticism after he changed his earlier decision to repay Ahmed Abdel Qadir Hamdi, a player who owed money to Samaha.

Many at the Al-Ahly Club criticized the decision of the South African coach for the first football team at the Al-Ahly Club, postponing the return of Red Fort player Ahmed Abdel Qadir Hamdi, who was loaned to the Smoha team. .

Imad al-Nahhas talks

Ala Abdel-Ghani, general coach of the Arab Contractors Group, said he had no contact with Imad al-Nahhas from al-Ahli and would like to be with the team in light of the overwhelming support for the technical director. From the administration.

He said there would be a session between Imad al-Nahhas and the board of directors of the committee to put points above the letters on the upcoming period, and that the session would approve the new contracts as there were 6 agreements. I agreed to be with the team on summer transfers.

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Mustafa Schubert passed away

Al-Ittihad’s clubs in Alexandria, Smaha, Al-Ahly Bank and one of the burgeoning clubs in the Premier League are interested in signing Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mustafa Schubert in the current summer transfers, especially after the young goalkeeper’s opportunities have diminished.

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