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In the video .. Funny moment when Kate Middleton slips and falls on the slate


Today’s Most Important and Latest Women’s News: Tuesday, February 22, 2022
With News Details: Women News: In the video, a hilarious moment of Kate Middleton slips on the slate

Eve: Kate Middleton makes an important visit to Denmark to learn more about the welfare of young children, but during her official visit, she had a little fun!
Kate showed her funny side when she went to the Lego Foundation at University College in Copenhagen. In the toy lab there, instead of going down the stairs, she could not miss the opportunity to ride on a giant sled of convenience. Kate sped across the snow-covered vehicle and as she came to her end she slid off the slate, raised her hands before using one hand and came up with a big smile on her face to balance herself. Then it seemed that she was going to slip and fly on the ground, but, despite this, she regained her balance with a smile and stood firmly on the ground with full elegance. This was not an easy feat as she was wearing high heels.

“I had to,” Kate told the photographers gathered below.

Kate meets the Foundation team

Kate Middleton at the University of Copenhagen – Photo of the Duke of Cambridge and Duchess Instagram stories

While at the Lego Foundation’s Play Lab, Kate met with the team leading the Fun Learning Project between six university colleges in Denmark and the Lego Foundation. He then joined a group that participated in activities as part of the students ’learning.

Kate is not alone

Kate Middleton arrives in Denmark – photo of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Instagram stories

Although this was an unexpected move for someone from the royal family, Kate was not the first family member to enjoy skating rides. He was photographed on a slide in Wembley Gallery in 1925, before Queen Elizabeth’s father was crowned King George VI.
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