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In the video, Nabila Obid defends the title of “Egypt’s first star” for the second time: I got it nowhere


For the second time in a week, actress Nabila Obeid defended her title after showing it to two stars, Mona Zaki and Yasmin Abdel Aziz, as “Egypt’s first star”, and Nabila said she did not win the title. Nowhere, but with 98 films and a brilliant art career with senior writers, writers and directors. They include Naqayb Mahfouz, Ihsan Abdel Qutb, Waheed Hameed and Bashir al-Deek.

Nabila Obeid – Photo from her Instagram account

On the show “Hadrat Al-Citizen” on the channel “Al-Haddat Al-Yum”, Saeed Ali, through a telephone interview with the media, the artist, Nabila Obid, also said: I have forgotten my personal life. I found my third name in my art, and in the posters and walked the streets, until tomorrow only my name was on the posters, for which I sacrificed a lot.

Nabila released the story that got her the title: Egypt’s first star J got the title from one of the film distributors, who went to producer Ibrahim Shawki to buy the rights to show the films, including Nabila’s film. Opit tops the list of other films, from which the title came, I think it belongs to me, it is difficult for me, unless it makes a history like him, deserves a title like him.

Nabila ignored the notion of the right of Mona Zaki or Yasmin Abdel Aziz for the title of “Egypt’s first star”, and supported Saeed Ali’s introduction of the need to respect art history, and the title of Lady of the Arab Screen became an asset. The name of the late star Faten Hamama and the title of Egypt’s first star will forever be his title.

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And Nabila Obeid has previously defended her historic title of “Egypt’s first star”, suggesting that the media pass on the title to star Mona Jackie or artist Yasmin Abdel when hosting the star, Ahmed al-Sadani. Aziz and Nabila published a long post explaining why they deserve this title.

Nabila Obeid posted a part of the “My Secret” show on her Instagram account, explaining “What is the title of Egypt’s first star … that is, an art life”. More than 98 films have been made for cinema, most of them masterpieces that have been huge successes. Also my work in television, radio and drama.

And artist Nabila Obeid continued: From here came the title of Egypt’s first star ….. Thanks to the spontaneous response of young star Ahmed Al-Sadani, I have the same love, respect and admiration. This is an opportunity for me to congratulate him and the three young stars.

The host of the show, Asma Ibrahim, interrupted with a comment that she had invited Nabila Obate to attend the show, saying that she was “Egypt’s first star” and would continue to be so.

Ahmed Al-Sadani responded with another comment, in which he said: We all love and appreciate you, we respect you every year, you are good.

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