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In the video .. New Jamalek deals, Ajay talks and Mohammad Awad’s position


The Jamalek club’s first football team has won the Egyptian Premier League for the thirteenth time in its history, and the White Castle board of directors continues to work in support of the team’s teams to reach the championship.

Jamalek’s new contracts

The Jamalek club is trying to add Pyramids striker Ibrahim Adele, who has responded to the failure of attempts to secure the services of Smoha striker Hosam Hassan, and many spectators expect Ahmed Adef to be Jamal’s first summer contract, the player’s desire to go to the White Fort.

The White Knight has officially acknowledged his negotiations with Tunisian Chad Baqir, Saudi player Aba, next to Egyptian Al-Portside club player Jamal in his summer deals. Board of Directors led by Hussein Labeeb to join the white team to support the attacking team in the current summer Mercado 2021.

Ajay talks

Jamalek Club Nigerian agent Jr. Ajay negotiated with Al-Ahly club player, especially after it was confirmed that he left Al-Jazeera team and insisted that the player should get the full value of his contract and not leave the club. Or entering into mutual agreements draws him closer to wearing a white nightgown, especially with the intention of submitting a financially favorable offer.

The condition of Mohammad Awad

Mohamed Awad insisted from the start that his first and last wish was Jamalek, and he had announced this more than once before and since Jamalek had joined the club, it was as if he was carrying them on his head in exchange for the contract and getting all of the club’s money.

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Awadh also confirmed that he would continue his decision with Jamalek, and he sat down with French coach Patrice Carteron and told him about it.

Jamalek rewards each player 120 thousand pounds

According to Jamalek rules, each player on the team must receive a reward of ஆயிரம் 120,000 for the Premier League crown, after the White Knight have reached the title by 4 points from second-placed Al-Ahly.

After the Jamalek team played 34 matches, the team won 24 matches, drew 8 matches and lost two matches. Its players scored 61 goals and dropped 21 nets. The Jamalek administration is scheduled to offer the final reward in the current period.

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