March 29, 2023

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Influenza outbreak…condemns Chinese city’s move to impose new lockdown measures

The announcement by Chinese city officials of their intention to impose lockdown measures in the face of an influenza outbreak sparked angry reactions from Chinese on social media.

Xi’an, a tourist area in Shaanxi province, issued an emergency response plan this week to close schools, businesses and “other crowded places” if the number of flu cases continues to rise.

According to the network this trend is increasing “CNN“, feelings of nervousness and anger among many activists on social media in China, who saw the plan as “an inconvenient take on some of Beijing’s tougher measures during the recent pandemic.”

And one of the users wrote on the “Weibo” communication site that the authorities should “take this time to vaccinate citizens instead of creating panic.”

Another asked: “How can people not panic after the authorities announced the suspension of work and business activities without clear instructions at the national level to classify the disease?”

As Covid-19 cases decline in China, flu cases are rising across the country, and some pharmacies are struggling to keep up with demand for treatments for the disease.

The city of around 13 million people has taken 4 steps to prepare for future outbreaks.

At the first and highest level, officials said, “the city may close affected areas, enforce quarantine on them and stop production and commercial activities. Shopping centers, theaters, libraries, museums, tourist attractions and other crowded places will also be closed.”

“Schools and nurseries will be closed at all levels, and will be responsible for monitoring the health conditions of students and children,” he added, “CNN” officials said.

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Concerns among the city’s citizens and the Chinese public are emerging after China imposed stricter measures throughout the duration of the pandemic, including months-long shutdowns in some cities.

Citizens of Xi’an faced a comprehensive lockdown that lasted for weeks, including those facing shortages of other basic goods, such as food and access to medical services, according to the network.