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Inner Mongolia Week at the China Pavilion


Dubai (Etihad)

From November 2 to 4, “Dubai Expo 2020” was held at the China Pavilion under the motto “Inner Mongolia Regional Activities Week”, “Hands and innovations, win-win development”. The event took place in the main square of the office of the Organizing Committee for the Participation of Inner Mongolia in the “Expo Dubai 2020” (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Council for the Improvement of the International Trade Conference Room). Expo 2020 used Internet broadcasting, domain availability and Internet broadcasting to communicate in real time with the China Pavilion in Dubai, and tens of thousands of people connected to the Internet to watch the event live.
On the first day of the event; That is, on November 2, the opening ceremony of “Domestic Mongolia Week” was held, with Chen Jian, Vice President of the Chinese Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Xi Baatu, Vice President of the Autonomous Region of Mongolia, Ali Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Ali Al Taheri and Najib Al Ali. Presented by the Managing Director of the Expo 2020 Dubai “Bureau, who delivered speeches via the Cloud, then Vice President of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region C Pattu announced the launch. Week of the Inner Mongolia Region.
In his speech, Sen Jian said: The World Exhibition is the world’s tallest exhibition and is an important platform to showcase the achievements of the global economy and social development, to promote mutual understanding, to expand exchanges and to enhance mutual learning. The general prosperity of civilizations. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is a bridge to open to the north of China and an important axis connecting the landscape to the Silk Road, and enjoys great geographical advantages and important strategic importance. It is hoped that the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will make good use of the Expo 2020 Dubai site, exchange development experiences with countries and regions of the world, including the United Arab Emirates, enhance exchanges and cooperation, and showcase beautiful inner Mongolia.
According to C. Pattu, Vice President of the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia now has a very solid foundation for growth, broader growth opportunities and advanced development ideas. I would like to tell the story of Inner Mongolia through a series of “online” activities such as economics, trade, culture, tourism, and to establish international organizations, explore opportunities for global cooperation, and contribute collectively to building a community. Shared future for mankind.

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