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Innovative ways to provide mental health care during an outbreak are thriving


Challenges faced by the individual as a result of mental health are a major cause of disability worldwide, and in light of the corona epidemic, mental systems already suffering from a lack of resources face severe stress to maintain pace with the epidemic, but there are three main barriers to accessing care, the lack of specialized caregivers and the field of mental health Distrust.

The situation is not dark at all; The public and private sectors are ready to promote change, and innovative projects promise improved access to maintenance, whether the community’s financial resources are large or small; These projects coordinate the digital distribution of sophisticated science, information and services and the collaborative efforts of people, professionals and the community facing mental health challenges.

With telemedicine and all sorts of new applications, digital healthcare options have grown exponentially during the epidemic. Online services reach far and wide and stigmatize fears about deciding to seek treatment. They can effectively expand health and social services, but they cannot cope with the shortage of specialist therapists. The lack of specialized treatment providers that coordinate care also poses challenges in reaching people in need of application-based telemedicine.

One of the solutions to these challenges is to strengthen community and peer support to enhance the effectiveness of mental health care, and to expand its scope by providing treatment services directly or through the Internet, and helping others with mental illness through so-called helpful peer support. To show them that they are not alone in their mental problems is a great development in the field; People with mental health problems help with recovery by building trust with peers with similar experiences, peer groups conduct group discussions, guide or coach others facing psychological challenges, and provide its social significance and support to health workers; Community health workers are ordinary members of the community who provide basic health care, including prevention, health promotion and rehabilitation services, and an expansion to reach more people in need around the world.

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In many countries, the public and private sectors have plans to combine these approaches, and members of the community are often involved in the design, counseling, and support of online mental health services. Examples of such services include the Togetherall, ReachOut and SevenCbs 7 Cup and UCLA stand, which have become reliable sources of help and support for young people, their families and others in distress and in dealing with mental conditions. Affiliate Mental Illness, NYWell’s search engine and program ads aimed at helping young people through social media connectivity – Linked Professional Maintenance with a website that offers a variety of assistance from self – education and eCommerce support, and has attracted thousands of visitors since its launch in New York State in November 2020. Take a self-test to check health, 1 in 10 online visitors interact with a colleague or therapist, and 1 in 5 of these visitors are referred for community care, the program is expanding and randomly controlled The test has begun to measure its effectiveness, first findings, young people with severe mental conditions , From peer contacts to sessions with specialist therapists, say they are willing to engage in so-called sorted, online care.

Continued improvement will require cooperation with mental health conditions, social workers, psychiatrists and technology, public and private sector leaders, and others, but these programs promise to shift the focus of attention wherever people are.

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