April 2, 2023

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Instagram introduces a new feature

Instagram introduces a new feature

After releasing the link stickers last week, Instagram introduced a new sticker called Add Yours for Stories, which allows users to ask others to respond to the content of stories to create the most compelling response threads in Stories posts.

The global release comes as the operating system initially tested this feature in Indonesia and Japan last month.

In addition, according to the “Arab Gateway to Technology News”, the platform describes the poster as a way to create a general news series on stories.

He noted that this is the first time that stories have been included in the public domain.

The poster acts as a stimulus to upload other people’s stories and is a way to find new people to follow.

Users can add a new Add Yours sticker to the Stories window. When users respond, they will be added to the account bubble list via sticker.

Also, users can see all the other answers in the thread when they click on the bubble. Creating a response chain within stories can help promote greater engagement.

This poster is very similar to TikTok’s Duet feature, which allows users to create content that includes the original video clip, resulting in an interactive response to the content based on the original title.

But it’s different in that it allows everyone in the content series to see additional posts in one place. Tick ​​Tock does not currently show all duet videos in one place.

TikTok’s community-based creativity is a key component of its appeal. As a result, it’s no surprise that Instagram is now getting inspiration from its main competitor.

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Also, this tool will help to increase Instagram engagement at a time when it is said that users, especially younger ones, will lose out on competing sites like TikTok.