June 6, 2023

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Instagram pimps, infinity pools and young aliens … Welcome to the French New Eldorado Dubai

“Look, this is Pimpos’ pool that Instagram can do”The French tourist begins when he arrives on the terrace of a restaurant located at 54e Floor. This sentence deserves to suppress many stereotypes about Dubai. We are on an edge Infinity Pool Infinite margin providing a breathtaking view of skyscrapers. Adults stand in line to be photographed on a swing. An influence persecutes an employee. Musin’s call resumes. In bikinis under the Arabian sun, siliconeed men cocktails in hand, glamorous poses that want to share on social networks, which testifies to the flexible application of Sharia law.

Come to Dubai, the lighthouse of the Middle East, the land of prosperity, stability and opportunity in the heart of a complex region. The capital of luxury luxuries, over-calculation and refrigerated overgrowth during the environmental crisis. Promised land for some, a particular idea of ​​hell for others. A city-state, like it or not, has the power of passion on the planet. Especially on our comrades.

The United Arab Emirates has a population of 26,000, of which 17,000 live in Dubai, the most populous of the seven territories that make up the federation. The trend is increasing. The stream of newcomers has been declining in recent months : 62,000 French visitors in the first quarter of 2021 – the third largest group of tourists since then

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