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Introducing a custom keyboard for iPhones for $140


Saturday 6 January 2024 / 14:35

YouTuber specializing in mobile devices, Michael Fisher, owner of the channel “Mr. Mobile”, introduced a new device that brings the keyboard back to iPhone phones and allows special features for smart devices from Apple.

In the latest video on his YouTube channel, Fisher mentions that the company he helped create, Clix, offers iPhone 14 and 15 device owners a device that makes them happy to use keys on their phones.

The new device is built on the idea of ​​combining phone cover + shortcut button + keyboard without compromising on charger port or connectivity issues. The most aesthetic gesture of using this keyboard is that it does not require a battery or charge, especially since it uses the phone port directly without resorting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology to communicate with the phone.
The “Clix” company indicates on its website that its device does not affect the ability to use wireless or wired charging, as the technologies used provide the user with the iPhone still with the same smooth texture and the same thickness. An extra length.
As “ARS Technica” reports, the most important problem the company is working to solve is the possibility of using wired earphones with the “Clex” device.

One of the features of this new device is a shortcut button called “CMD” where each shortcut is assigned to open different windows and services on the iPhone. Also, since the keyboard is attached to the phone, the keyboard interface does not appear directly on the phone screen, allowing users to enjoy additional screen space within applications.
The Clix keyboard device is made of a material similar to silicone, and although it can protect the phone from some scratches and unwanted touches, it cannot be considered an official “cover” to protect the device, especially since the buttons are waterproof and the materials used to design the keyboard are not durable. To fully ensure the very light weight of the device.

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