June 8, 2023

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iOS 16.4 update is officially launched, know about the new features

Finally, iOS 16.4 version After nearly six weeks of beta testing, it’s coming to iPhones. iOS 16.4 has already arrived for many iPhones in various countries. This update includes some new features and changes for iPhones starting from iPhone 8 and later.

To install the new iOS 16.4 update, open Settings on your iPhone, tap General → Software Update, and follow the onscreen instructions.

iOS 16.4 Features

There were many rumors regarding the release of iOS 16.4, but most of them are true. Following is a review of the most important features of the iOS 16.4 update:

  1. New Emoji: iOS 16.4 adds 21 new emoji, including a shaking face, a heart in three new color options, a jellyfish, and more.
  1. Notifications from websites: This feature allows users to receive notifications from websites through Safari, similar to notifications sent from App Store apps. Only websites that the user saves as a web app on the home screen can send push notifications to the notification list.
  1. Podcasts app improvements: iOS 16.4 introduces several new features to Apple’s Podcasts app across iPhone and CarPlay for cars. The new Channels menu in the Podcasts app provides a list of broadcast channels in one place, while the next menu contains episodes you’ve saved to the library.

CarPlay also offers access to Next Queues and Recently Played, along with podcast recommendations from the “Listen Now” tab in the “Browse” or “Explore” tab.

  1. Sound Isolation on Mobile Calls: iOS 16.4 introduces sound isolation during phone calls over cellular networks. When this feature is activated, the mobile will block the noise around you so that your voice can be heard clearly during a call. Voice Isolation provides isolation for Wi-Fi calls in apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp.
  2. Find duplicate photos in iCloud Photo Library: Starting with iOS 16.4, the Photos app can find duplicate photos and videos in iCloud Photo Library. Copies can be merged to save storage space.
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