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iPadOS 17.. New features in the operating system that Apple users expect.. Know them


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Monday, August 28, 2023 at 07:00 AM

Although September is the traditional month to talk about new iPhones, they are expected to be launched Apple Inc The new iPhone 15 series will arrive sometime in September, however, which is also the month when Apple usually releases new OS updates for all of its devices.

Apple previewed the iPad’s next major software update, iPadOS 17, at WWDC 2023, and the update includes several new features and improvements designed to make the iPad even more powerful and versatile.

Here are some of the most anticipated features of iPadOS 17:

– Customizable lock screen

The lock screen gets a makeover in iPadOS 17, and users can choose from different lock screen layouts, including a new option to show widgets. They can customize the appearance of the date and time and add their own. Photos or artwork.

Live Actions feature

Live Activities or Live Activities is a new feature and users can tap on them to get information.

– Improved health app

The Health app gets several new features in iPadOS 17, including the ability to track your period, record symptoms, and create medication reminders. The Health app gets new insights and trends, making it easy to see how your health is doing. Will change over time.

– New stickers and messages features

iPadOS 17 brings many new features to the Messages app, including new stickers and the ability to interact with messages using stickers. Users can create large group chats with up to 500 participants.

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