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IPhone 14 gets completely new screen technology .. Apple is getting ready for a surprise


A new report has revealed details regarding the specifications of the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro phone, which indicates the new technology that Apple will support in its next phone.

According to reliable analyst Ross Young, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro could be introduced with “Always-On Display” technology for phone screens, supporting a lower 1Hz refresh rate on ProMotion screens.

Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 13 Pro with promotion technology and a 120 Hz upgrade rate, and this technology was first introduced to iPhone phones.

According to the Apple WD website, this support will enhance phone screens in its upcoming releases.

According to Rose Young, the ProMotion screens that will be introduced in the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max phones will have the potential to reduce the 1Hz upgrade rate, which will further reduce the phone’s battery consumption. Long life of charging life.

Korean touch

Other new reports reveal Apple’s desire to support the upcoming iPhone 14, a special sensor for the phone’s front camera.

The sensor will be developed by South Korean company LG Innotech.

The move predicts that Apple will seek to replace the Chinese company that supplied the sensors with LG to strengthen its front-camera sensors, and this is the first time Apple has trusted the Korean company. Purpose.

According to a report by “Korean ID News”, Apple initially planned to support the iPhone 15 series with the camera sensor from LG Innotech, but Apple has decided to launch the upcoming iPhone 14 versions to use Korean technology.

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It is worth noting that LG Innotech is currently offering Apple rear camera sensors.

Supply of the front-facing camera is expected to be split between Japanese company Sharp and South Korean LG Innotech after the switch from Apple.

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