March 30, 2023

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iPhone 15 release date set or expectations? Apple settles leak controversy

As Apple releases its phones every year in this month, it seems that the new iPhone will be released in September this year.

iPhone 15 Release Date

iPhone 15 Series Prices

  • iPhone 15 with 256GB capacity for $1000.
  • iPhone 15 512GB $1250.
  • iPhone 15, 1 TB, $1,500.
  • iPhone 15 Pro 256 GB $1400.
  • iPhone 15 Pro, 512 GB, price $1,600.
  • iPhone 15 Pro, 1 TB, $1,950.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max, 1 TB, $2,350.

The source said that it was rumored that the price of the iPhone 14 will increase by about 10%, but this news is not true, for example, the price of the iPhone 14 device has increased only in the United States. 128 GB, and its price reaches about $ 800.

Specifications of the new iPhone 15

According to a Bloomberg report published Thursday and a TSMC statement, these specifications:

  • Increased battery size, lower power consumption and better battery usage thanks to the new processor that Apple adds to the iPhone 15 Pro.
  • The manufacturing process will start with a 3 nm process unlike the previous generation which used a 5 nm process.
  • The new Apple chip uses 35% less power than the previous generation. This means longer battery life compared to the current iPhone 14.
  • The chipset is faster in terms of performance, but if Apple had designed the (electronic) processor used in the iPhone, it may have chosen to deliver the improvements that a 3nm processor offers in a different way.
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