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iPhone 15 Screen Burned.. New Update Solves The Problem


Since its launch last September, the iPhone 15 series has been plagued by several flaws amid reports from customers around the world.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone Pro Max users are facing a new issue related to screen burn-in, causing images to appear blurry on the background of their phones.

In turn, Apple is said to be trying to fix the flaw in the new iOS 17.1 operating system update.

Screen burn-in is a faint, visible mark of an app, text, or image that appears on the screen regardless of what’s displayed, and is caused by leaving the same image on the screen for too long.

According to Forbes, many users of the new phones took to social media to report the problem, with one TikTok user posting a viral video showing the app’s screen burning issue on his phone.

The new iOS 17.1 update, which is expected to be released soon, is expected to fix this issue as the beta version was already released to developers earlier this week, according to Mashable.

Also, a Reddit user who claimed to have access to the iOS 17.1 beta shared images of his screen before and after the update, which seems to have fixed the issue.

This problem doesn’t just affect phones, all devices with an OLED screen are vulnerable, and any TV that stays on the same channel for a long time will be affected.

While users can’t fix screen burn-in themselves, there are ways to minimize or prevent the problem until an update is released.

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Videos on YouTube offer troubleshooting tips, which usually involve moving the screen quickly to eliminate screen burn-in effects.

Another option is to turn off the phone for at least two hours and give the pixels some rest.

Also, lowering the screen brightness can help solve this problem because when the screen is bright, the pixels have to work harder, making the phone more prone to screen burn-in.

You can lower the screen brightness by swiping down on the right side and accessing the Control Center or by going to the Settings app and accessing the Display & Brightness menu.

Dark mode can be used to prevent screen burn-in, which has been proven useful as the screen can become dark if the user continues to use the iPhone at maximum brightness. You can enable this mode through the Settings app under the Display & Brightness section.

Another preventative measure is to enable auto-lock mode. This feature allows users to select a specific time period (between 30 seconds and five minutes) during which the screen will remain on and idle before eventually dimming and locking. You can enable the auto-lock feature from the Display and Brightness menu in Settings.

Screen burn-in isn’t the only problem new iPhones face.

Since the phone’s launch on September 22, customers have reported various issues including the phone heating up, which Apple says is caused by recent updates to third-party apps like Instagram and Uber.

Apple released iOS 17.0.3 on October 4 to fix an issue that caused the iPhone to heat up more than expected.

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There have been other complaints about the new phones breaking easily. Some newer phones also crash, especially during the setup process. Some users stumble upon the Apple logo and choose to transfer data from an old phone to a new iPhone, the company said.

Prior to the release of iOS 17.0.2, which fixed this issue, Apple recommended restoring the new phone to a computer, installing any new software updates, and then retrying the data transfer process.

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