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Iran.. Khamenei comments on the possibility of reaching a nuclear deal with the West and its conditions


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Iranian President Ali Khamenei has expressed his agreement to strike a deal with the West over Iran’s nuclear program. The nuclear industry, as reported by the news agency, the official Iranian (IRNA).

Khamenei’s comments came during Imam Khomeini’s meeting with a group of scholars, experts and officials in Iran’s nuclear field in Hussainiya. Ahead of the meeting, Khamenei visited Imam Khomeini’s nuclear industry achievements exhibition in Husseini, the agency said.

Khamenei said, “For 20 years, (adversaries) have created a nuclear challenge to Iran because they know that movement in the nuclear field is critical to the country’s scientific progress.

The Iranian guide added: “We, from an Islamic point of view, do not want to go towards (nuclear) weapons, otherwise they could not stop it, and so far they have not been able to stop our nuclear development. “According to IRNA.

Khamenei stressed that “within the framework of the safeguards agreement, cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency must be maintained, and the violation of the strategic work law adopted by the Iranian parliament is not allowed, and there is no problem with the agreement.” But the infrastructure of the nuclear sector should not be affected.”

The official Iranian news agency quoted Khamenei as saying: “It is credible that the governments that participated in the nuclear negotiations or the International Atomic Energy Agency have made promises in various fields that have not been fulfilled, leading to a deficit. It is possible to realize that there is no trust in these parties and his promises and his words.”

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