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Iraq .. Will al-Qaeda win for the second time?


Within the Iraqi political arena, the coalition’s path leads to two camps, the Chhattisgarh Movement, the Progressive Alliance and the Kurdistan Democratic Party. , With the appearance of this alliance.

Al-Sadr said in a post on Twitter on Friday: “The will of the free people is above all external pressures, and the will of the people is a national majority government, and no external pressures will deter us from doing so. And increase determination. “

By referring to those constituencies as Al-Sadr (Stabilization, Progress, Stability and the Democratic Party of Kurdistan), the coalition has more than 163 delegates, meaning it is possible to run the government without the need for other constituencies.

Rise of the second state code

Al-Sadr wants to appoint one of his supporters as head of the next government, but he may not be able to do so because groups close to Iran have rejected him. He is in harmony with him in vision.

Al-Qasemi Al-Sadr, at his residence in the Al-Hanana area of ​​Najaf Governorate on Thursday evening, was blocked by reporters from meeting the two sides for more than an hour, raising speculation about a one-second agreement on the timing of al-Qaeda’s political adviser to the prime minister, Mashreq Abbas. .

Al-Qasim has a clear connection The Chadrist movementHe chaired the meeting, which raised questions about a “green light” that set him back to form a government.

Al-Qaeda’s visit to the highest office in the state has sparked his political transformation and his infiltration into the political process, triggered by a number of factors that have contributed to the strengthening of his position over the past months and have shown his ability to manage things. A country experiencing great political turmoil.

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When Haider al-Abadi was prime minister between 2014 and 2018, al-Qasimi, an independent who did not belong to any political party, assumed the post of intelligence chief in June 2016.

After assuming the presidency of al-Qasimi government, he confirmed that “he did not become the owner of a political project and he did not want to be the owner of a political project.”

Harmonic filter

Commenting on the possibility of electing al-Qasimi as a consensus candidate, political analyst Vel al-Shamari said, “Because of the sharp differences between the parties, things are moving towards selecting a consensus candidate between the parties, which it denies. Al-Qa’eda’s al-Qa’eda’s spokesman said, “Al-Qa’eda’s are the most appropriate person to lead the next stage in light of the issues surrounding the situation in Iraq in general.”

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, al-Shammari said, “The good relations between al-Sadr and al-Qasimi will give a new impetus to the Iraqi scene, forming a strong government with a parliamentary wall without foreign intervention. Supported by an alliance between those parties.”

“Al-Qasimi’s assumption will not be opposed by other political groups because he was able to accept everyone, as well as the satisfaction of the international and Arab context with him,” he said.

And the elections he held IraqOn the tenth of last October, the Chhattisgarh movement he led won Muqtada al-SadrHe won 73 seats more than any other faction in the 329-seat assembly.

The pro-Iran coalition, which won 48 seats in 2018, won a total of 17 seats.

. Will take place Iraqi Parliament Its first session, on Sunday, was chaired by senior member Mahmoud al-Mashhadani.

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