March 31, 2023

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Is Egypt’s goal against Senegal real?

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Former Egypt international referee Samir Othman said the goal scored by Egypt captain Mohamed Salah against Senegal was absolutely correct.

Othman stressed that the proof was that the Italian “mouse” video referees did not delay in reviewing the game and counting it down in a matter of seconds, confirming that the target was 100 percent correct.

In the first match at Cairo on Friday evening, Mohamed Salah’s ball bounced off the crossbar and hit him, but by mistake, Senegal defender Salio Cisse scored a goal as Egypt beat their Senegalese side. The final stage of the World Cup qualifying rounds.

If there is any doubt that the goal is valid, the video technical referees would have summoned the match referee, but he was not called, which confirms that the goal is true and the rumors are not true, said referee Samir Othman. Some Senegalese newspapers and websites question the validity of the goal.

Senegal newspapers were interested in the Egyptian team’s victory over the Terengganu Lions in the first leg of the decisive round of the African qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Infiltration.

Othman was also quoted as saying that Sky News Arabia video refereeing technology had put an end to refereeing errors.

Referee Ahmed Ahmed-Shennavi confirmed that Salah’s goal was 100% correct and that the video technology used by the Italian team included the latest methods to facilitate the referees’ task in detecting any errors in the game. The goal is absolutely right.

Only one draw against Senegal in Tuesday’s return leg is all it takes to snatch a qualifier for the 2022 World Cup and record a fourth consecutive World Cup appearance in Egyptian football history.

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