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Is having a mirror in the kitchen a bad idea?.. here is the answer


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The kitchen is said to be the heart of any home as it plays a vital role in creating a positive energy flow. Therefore, care should be taken in the way it is designed, taking into account what is stored and used in it, what is kept in it and what is not kept in it.

We also need to know how to create balance in it, but what about mirrors? Is its existence a bad idea or not?

The basis of kitchen balance is cleanliness and order. There is also garbage in the food preparation area. Heat and fire used in cooking (stove, stove, microwave, pan, etc.) bring energy to fire.

Cooking fumes can also build up in the kitchen, creating unhealthy energy that can negatively affect people and their homes over time.

To prevent negative energy from building up in your kitchen, it is important to always keep it clean and tidy as this will help ensure that unwanted energy does not pass through.

Strategically placing the right things like plants can help absorb negative vibes from cooking-related activities.

While items like mirrors add to the negative energy in the kitchen, the question is why are mirrors particularly irritating in the kitchen?

According to some beliefs, mirrors should not be placed in the kitchen because they reflect what appears opposite, and because of their reflective properties, they have the ability to amplify the bad energy already present in the kitchen, allowing for double energy. spread all over.

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Therefore, measures should be taken to reduce the number and influence of mirrors or reflective objects to restore balance

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