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Is it Difficult to eFoil?


The correct answer to this question is: it depends.

As in many new endeavors, the question of difficulty is subjected to an array of factors, but let us start from the beginning – 

What is an eFoil and how difficult is it to master it?

The eFoil is a device that is only getting popular during the last 3-4 years, but you have probably already seen Tik-Toks or Instagram Reels with these eye-catching devices.

To speak in scientific terms, the eFoil (short for electric hydrofoil) is an electric powered board that levitates above the water with the help of a hydrofoil.

The hydrofoil 

Is something that has flooded the surfing industry over the past 10 years. It works on the same principle as the aerofoils in airplanes, except in this case, it is the stream of water that creates a lift, rather than a stream of air (hence the hydro in hydrofoil). 

Once force is generated with the help of natural factors (i.e. wind or waves), the underwater wings lift the foil and consecutively, the board, out of the water. In the end, the only friction occurring between the surf and the water is that of the small surface of the mast and the underwater wings, thus rendering the planning speeds quite high and the efficiency of the set – even higher.

So how is the eFoil different? 

The eFoil is a hydrofoil, but as the name suggests, it is powered by electricity. Instead of force being generated by natural factors, the surfboard contains a battery compartment with a very powerful battery that powers the motor, attached to the fuselage of the hydrofoil.

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This is very handy, because it requires no specific surfing conditions. 

The best way to learn is in a flat spot with little to no waves or wind, but pro riders are not submissive to these requirements. 

If you check out advanced eFoil surfers online, you will realize that they eFoil in giant waves, in rivers, in lakes, even in canals in the city (i.e. in Amsterdam).

This freedom is what makes the electric hydrofoil so special, but now let’s come to the point:

How difficult is it to learn how to eFoil?

In general, not very difficult.

Of course, control is the most important element you should master. If you have previously surfed, or have tried snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding or any other boardsports that require balance, then you are probably a few steps ahead.

Then the only thing you need to do once you get on the electric hydrofoil board is to learn where to position your feet to achieve the best balance for the whole system.

The problem here comes if you are learning on a board that is not suitable for beginners. Small boards with long masts and tiny wings, though quite exciting once you are advanced, are torturous for beginners.

No matter how many online lessons you watch, no matter what price you pay for instructors, you will most probably have a hard time standing up and it will take you several days to be able to safely say that you are comfortably eFoiling.

However, if you got to a flat spot with good weather conditions and if the watersports center targets newbies and has respectively purchased boards that are especially designed to help the learning process like those manufactured by, then chances are that you will fly in less than an hour. 

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But beware! You must always follow the learning steps. Start in a kneeling position and once you get the hang of it, try supporting your body two feet. If not, you risk paying the cost of walking around battered and bruised.

Heed these words and no matter how much time it takes for you to learn (which shouldn’t be more than a few days), your fun is guaranteed. 

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