March 28, 2023

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Is Muhammad Ramadan Challenging?  .. The second video raises the "storm"

Is Muhammad Ramadan Challenging? .. The second video raises the “storm”

The echoes of the video, which was described as slander and circulated a few days ago, appear to be that of an Egyptian pop star. Mohammed Ramadan With Miss India, Urvashi Raudella, she will not go unnoticed.

After lawyer Samir Sabri complained about “No. 1”, another video from the same photo session spread on social media.

Ramadan and the beautiful celebrity appeared in the new video, and he performed almost the same movements, but in different costumes, which started a new wave of criticism against him by some activists on the communication sites.

These developments came after the Egyptian prosecutor submitted a report accusing him to the investigating authorities Ramadan By releasing a video clip, he described it as “obscene and explicitly obscene words”.

In her statement, Sabri said, “The situation has grown into something very dangerous and frightening because there were so many sexual expressions and stimuli in the songs. Now, singing in ugly and low words in open, bitter words.” Him.

According to him, the lawyer also accused the Egyptian artist of “calling for immorality, immorality, incitement and dissemination.” He explained to “Al” that in his communications to the public prosecutor, he openly accused Ramadan of re-stirring controversy and engaging in practices that are contrary to public morals, values, norms and the morals of society.

Bold video

The controversial young artist appeared in a “brave” video with the pioneers of communication sites, along with Miss India, released on Wednesday evening through her official account on Instagram.

Rawdella released a video clip to the tunes of the song “Number 1” and commented that “Number 1 is the poster of the movie with the Arab star”, while Ramadan appeared in the video in a black shirt without a shirt, and an Indian artist in a black dress.

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The Egyptian star’s name seems to have recently been associated with the case of pilot Ashraf Abu al-Yusrin and the ensuing crisis, as well as crises such as dancing on stage in a dress the union did not like and blocking him. To the widespread turmoil that arose a few months ago, he sang with the flight attendants while traveling, even his videos. Cultural centers in Lebanon called for answers, clarifications and more.