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Is the Gaza war approaching a new ceasefire after Israel’s mediation request?


Egyptian defense and strategist Major General Samir Farak said Egypt appeared ready to mediate again to reach a humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, while Cairo’s diplomatic efforts were now focused on a full cessation of hostilities.

In a statement to Sky News Arabia, Farak noted that Egypt was working on a ceasefire plan to be presented to the Security Council in the coming hours and that it would mobilize internationally until it was passed.

Egypt has been leading political and diplomatic efforts to bring about peace and a cease-fire within the Gaza Strip, and these efforts are facing many difficulties and challenges, perhaps the most important of which is the Hamas movement. According to the relief, Israel was urged to respond and defend the position of the army lost during this war.

But Egypt today is making every effort to achieve a permanent ceasefire in communication with all international and regional parties, in constant communication with the US administration, and in security and intelligence efforts.

Egyptian Moves to New Mediation

  • Sky News Arabia has learned from informed Egyptian sources that Israel has sought the mediation of Egypt and Qatar to conclude a prisoner exchange deal within the framework of a new humanitarian agreement.
  • Sources explained that the Egyptian side is already engaged in new mediation with Qatar and the US side to implement a new prisoner exchange agreement between Hamas and Israel soon.
  • Sources indicate that meetings in this context are expected soon between Israel, Egypt and Qatar under US auspices.
  • A week-long humanitarian standoff between Hamas and Israel that ended on December 1 resulted in the release of 105 hostages, including 80 Israelis, from Gaza in exchange for Israel’s release of 240 Palestinian prisoners.
  • But efforts to extend the ceasefire have failed, and Israel says at least 137 hostages are still believed to be held by Hamas.
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Nature of Egyptian Movements

Ahmed Goma, an Egyptian journalist specializing in Arab affairs, says Cairo is continuing its intensive efforts to reach a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and to allow more urgent humanitarian aid and the fuel needed to run hospitals and key government facilities in Gaza. .

Egyptian efforts, according to Goma, run parallel to political and diplomatic movements that believe that the only way to resolve this conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis is not through force, but instead, the only way is to implement a two-state solution and return to the negotiating table to discuss ways to establish an independent Palestinian state on 4 borders.June 1967 .

A new prisoner exchange agreement

Egypt is working at a fast pace to convince the Palestinian and Israeli sides of the need to enter into a prisoner exchange agreement between the two sides to resolve this issue, which will push the Palestinian factions and the Israeli side towards a fight in the near future. Period.

The Palestinian leadership and citizens in the Gaza Strip are hoping for the success of Egyptian mediation in bringing an early end to the war on Gaza, with Israel imposing a blockade and a major breakdown of all major facilities and infrastructure. The hunger and thirst of the residents of Gaza forces them to migrate and force them off their land.

Continued US support for Israel’s war on Gaza has led to widespread fears of a regional war, which could lead to long-term instability. Iraq and Syria are concrete evidence and an alarming indicator of the possibility of an outbreak of armed conflict led by Palestinian factions in Gaza or regional parties fueled by armed organizations in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

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