April 1, 2023

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Islam Khali presents the song "Sabiq All Naas"

Islam Khali presents the song “Sabiq All Naas”

Young singer Islam Ghali recently released a new song titled “Sabik All People” on his official YouTube channel. Yehia Youssef, Mustafa Raouf, Salah Al-Jabi Business Management, Ahmed Sharaki Video Graphics and Mohammad Nafi Social Media You command your vision in seconds, you get confused

And I turn around surrendering, I wish I could suck it up? I will not say it again, but I am not close, my heart is not confused as to what is going on. Why did I lose balance. ”A mini album featuring 4 songs. Islam collaborates with some of the most important poets, composers and distributors in Egypt and the Arab world, including Madyan, Damer Hussein, Aziz El Shafi, Duma, Nader Abdullah, Ahmad Ibrahim, Nader Noor, Ahmad Abdel Salam, Mohammed Adef, Ahmad El Zendi and Yahya.

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