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Israel summons ambassadors from Belgium and Spain


Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen on Friday summoned the ambassadors of Spain and Belgium to “condemn” them after their prime ministers condemned the devastating bombing of the Gaza Strip and called on Israel to “recognize the Palestinian state.”

Cohen’s office said the minister “instructed the ambassadors of both countries to be summoned for a sharp denunciation dialogue.”

“We condemn the false accusations by the Prime Ministers of Spain and Belgium,” Cohen said in a statement.

The minister who continued to address there said, “Israel is acting according to international laws… We will fight again after the ceasefire until we remove the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip and release all the abductees.

For its part, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement that Benjamin “strongly condemns Netanyahu’s statements by the Prime Ministers of Belgium and Spain that do not hold Hamas fully accountable for committing crimes against humanity and using Palestinians as human shields.”

During a visit to the Egyptian Rafah crossing leading to the Gaza Strip on Friday, Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Groove said the Israeli response in the Gaza Strip “after the deadly attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7 must respect international humanitarian law.” “The killing of civilians must stop,” he insisted.

For his part, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, who accompanied him, said “the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians (in the Gaza Strip) is absolutely unacceptable.”

He opined that “finding a solution to the Gaza crisis is not enough,” and insisted that “Israel must first take a “comprehensive approach” to resolving the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem. .”

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Sanchez called for “the international community and Israel to recognize the Palestinian state.”

In a statement, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Alvarez described the “accusations of the Israeli government” against Spanish and Belgian officials as “false, inappropriate and unacceptable.”

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