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Israeli army fires Hezbollah-launched drone from Lebanon



In the second such incident in two days, Israeli air defense forces opened fire on a drone coming from Lebanon on Friday, as it entered Israeli airspace, the Israeli military said. In a statement, Lebanon said Hezbollah had flown a drone on Friday for a “spy” mission on Israel.

The Israeli military said in a statement on Friday that “a small enemy drone had infiltrated into Israeli territory from Lebanon, where warnings had been activated in the Galilee area, prompting residents to seek shelter in northern Israel.”

And reported Lebanon Hezbollah In a statement on Friday, it said it had launched a drone on a “spy” mission against Israel.

France 24 reporter from Beirut

The military added that “interceptor missiles were fired from the Iron Dome system” and that “planes and helicopters were called in. After a few minutes, the plane went missing and the incident is under investigation.”

For its part, Hezbollah announced that it had “begun a march into the occupied Palestinian territories, which forty minutes toured the target area on an espionage mission extending seventy kilometers.”

He further added that despite attempts by the Israeli army to “shoot”, “Flight + Hassan +” “returned safely” after successfully completing the required mission.

This evening, Israeli militants flew at very low altitudes in Beirut so that residents of the capital could clearly see them, while the sound of their roar could be heard throughout the city.

للمزيد- The drone entered Israeli airspace from Lebanon … what happened?

On Thursday, the Israeli army announced that it had “shot down a Hezbollah drone that had penetrated Israeli airspace from Lebanon.”

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Israeli security sources said in January that the Hebrew government’s recently shot down drones flying across the border from Lebanon had exposed the growing capabilities of Hezbollah’s aerial intelligence with Iranian support.

Hezbollah’s secretary general said Wednesday that Israel wants to “stop bringing in parades from Iran” and that it will not succeed. “Today, it is no secret to the Israelis (…) that we have the technical capability to turn our missiles into precision missiles,” he added.

“Today in Lebanon, for a long time, we started preparing for marches,” he added.

The Israeli military has an air command center near the Lebanese border, comprising about 20 officers aimed at monitoring Hezbollah’s drones.

Lebanon and Israel are officially at war. In 2006, Lebanon witnessed a 33-day bloody war between Israel and Hezbollah, in which 1,200 people were killed in Lebanon, most of them civilians and 160 Israelis, most of them soldiers.

France 24 / AFP

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