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Israel’s operations are moving closer to the heart of Gaza


Israel has taken another step toward what it believes are strongholds between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Palestinian factions, and announced that a division of its armored forces had reached the coastal route west of Gaza. city, and took control of a Hamas base, with bombers shooting down its planes. More deaths were reported in various parts of the Gaza Strip.

Gaza was cut off from the world again on Sunday evening when Israel announced it had cut communications and internet services from the Strip, setting off a wave of bombings, witnesses described to the Arab World News Agency. A 30-day cycle hike that Gazans had never known before 15 years ago.

As the sun rose on Monday, communications services gradually returned, the Palestinian Telecommunications Company said on Facebook.

The Israeli military said on Monday it had carried out airstrikes targeting 450 targets in the past 24 hours and had taken control of a Hamas base.It said many of the movement’s fighters had been killed in its strikes, including military compounds. , observation points, anti-tank missile launchers and others.

The Israeli military also said it was able to kill several Hamas field commanders, including Jamal Musa, who was in charge of private security within the Hamas movement. However, these allegations have not been verified, and the movement has not announced that any of its leaders have been killed.

Although Hamas has not announced the killing of senior leaders in the movement, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority said there were expectations from the military that senior Hamas leaders would be killed during the “unusual” raid last night.

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The authority added: “A very large airstrike was carried out above and below the ground, in which several terrorists were killed, including several Hamas leaders.”

The continuing death toll in the area, besieged from all sides, raised the total number of victims to more than 10,000 Palestinians, while Ashraf al-Khudra, a spokesman for Gaza’s health ministry, said the health system had become helpless and completely vulnerable. paralysis, and called for the provision of safe and urgent humanitarian corridors for the entry of medical supplies, fuel and medical representatives.

The appeals fell on deaf ears, but an Egyptian source told the Arab World news agency that preparations were under way for the Rafah crossing of 30 wounded people from Gaza on Monday, after a three-day hiatus following Israel’s targeting of ambulances carrying the wounded. People from Gaza on their way to Egypt for treatment under the pretext of being used by Hamas.

An Egyptian source said thirty wounded were scheduled to arrive at the Rafah crossing from Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza in Red Cross ambulances.

However, providing safe passage for the wounded through the Red Cross did not seem to be enough to stop Israel, which bombed a building inside al-Shifa hospital, killing at least two, according to witnesses who spoke to the Arab World News Agency.

On the other hand, the Palestinian News Agency reported that Israel arrested Maruf al-Ribai, media affairs adviser to the Jerusalem governor, after raiding his home in Anata, Jerusalem, and arrested activist Ahed Tamimi from his home in the village. Nabi Saleh near Ramallah during a night of raids on camps in Jerusalem and the West Bank

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Palestinian sources told the Arab World News Agency that about 50 Palestinians were arrested during a series of operations by the Israeli army in the West Bank and Jerusalem governorates. About 70 Palestinians, including two women, were at the scene last night in the West Bank.

On the ground in Gaza, fighting continued between Palestinian faction fighters and Israeli forces trying to encircle Gaza City, which they believe is a stronghold of Hamas militants, destroying an Israeli tank in northwest Gaza and engaging in clashes in Beit Lahia.

Al-Qassam Brigades said in a brief statement that the tank it destroyed was “infiltrating the al-Isra neighborhood northwest of Gaza” and that it had targeted it with a shell (al-Yasin 105).

In Ramallah, an adviser to the Palestinian president said Monday that the Palestinian leadership was concerned about what Israel described as “high levels of crime” in the Gaza Strip.

Mahmoud al-Happash told the Arab World News Agency that the ongoing war in Gaza since October 7 “confirms that we are facing a larger conspiracy beyond what Israel has announced, whose goal is to eliminate (Hamas)”. The plan is to displace the Palestinians.” “We will not allow this.”

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