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Zac Ghosn to Asharq Al-Awsat: I race against time with my directorial ideas

Lebanese director Zach Ghosn erased the scene’s absence within minutes when artist Alain Khalaf signed the clip for his song “Ma Taqli.” previously achieved.

Alleyne fell into disrepute following her marriage to Carlo Eli Ayoub in 2014. Today, after nearly 10 years of seclusion and separation from her husband, she sings again with Zac Ghosn’s camera.

With diverse experiences in the field of directorship in Lebanon and abroad, Chek gladly undertook this task. He likes difficult projects that require effort and encourages him to do his best. He told Asharq Al-Awsad in an interview: “My hobby is facing difficulties and overcoming them successfully. When I was called to do this job, I was happy because she entrusted me with a task that was not easy.

He describes his collaboration with Alan as wonderful “because she is a dedicated artist who knows what she wants and how to capture the moment of success.” When she saw me, she told me, “I agree,” before I told her the idea for the clip. She didn’t wait for me to explain the story of the clip to her. She trusts her instincts and when she saw me, she realized that I was the right one for the perfect comeback. It is this collaboration between us that makes me proud of her return to the scene.

Jack opens the “Ma Taqli” clip with Alain Khalaf’s previously million-viewed song “Ya Sababeen Al-Shay”. “Through this song, I tried to remember Aline, a star who had achieved a lot in her career. She relied on an element of admiration for her as a fictional character from one of her old fans, and she fantasized about Aline, the artist and her songs, and from here the story began.

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Aline chose the words “Don’t Tell Me” by the late poet Elias Nasser. The melody is by George Mardorosyan and the arrangement is by Michael Fadel.

Jack says he gets his ideas outside the box, so what does that mean? “It means I escape the ordinary and the consumer and seek the special. In the clip (Ma Taqli), I evoked the longing that many have for Alin’s comeback.

Zac Ghosn, as he told Asharq Al-Awsat, intended to convey Alin’s experience to his fans in his absence and in the limelight. “At that time I decided to introduce them to her lifestyle. So I took snapshots from her diaries in my own way and compiled them all in this video clip.

Zach Allen actually filmed Khalaf shopping and also filmed him playing tennis. She did not forget to highlight her motherhood as she had a daughter Levy from her marriage to Carlo Ayub. Alain appeared fully fit with his usual elegance and wit.

“Don’t Tell Me” is the title of a song written by artist Alain Khalaf (Zach Aden).

From an early age, Jack Ghosn discovered his passion for cinema and photography. “I was still young when I went with the most important directors in Lebanon. I worked with Bassem Al-Turk, Jad Choueiri and many others. On how his ideas are born, he says: “I am not exaggerating when I say that I have a sharp eye. I consider the camera as my third eye which never lets me down. As soon as you see someone’s face, you want to portray it in some way. Thoughts come into me as I breathe. The scenes I stored and etched in my head throughout my journey contributed to this fleeting intuition I have.

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Zach says he worked at a record store as a teenager for about five years. “I have participated in thousands of these films and popular foreign serials. When I set out to do a photography project, I don’t know how the thought will automatically pop into me. I would subconsciously imagine one of the cinematic scenes that was stuck in my mind and turn it into (top camera).

Ghosn Says His Ideas Are Pioneering and Unlike Others (Zach Ghosn)

He doesn’t like the canned ideas that most directors accept. “Because they saw a clip of a foreign song, they used it in the work of an Arab artist. As for me, my imagination runs wild and takes me to the theaters of Las Vegas, France and Marilyn Monroe movies. When I was filming the work, these ideas touched me. , and I made not just a music video, but a live tape.

As he says, he prefers the American style of film because it is a daily addiction to watching movies due to the nature of his work. “I had to watch about 4 movies a day to convince a customer who walked into the store which movie he liked. So, I fell in love with and was influenced by Hollywood art.

Zach Allen opens the clip with “Oh, teabags,” making for a bright star.

Sake has worked in a wide variety of photography, including montages and advertising sequences. It marked his career by collaborating with well-known names such as Bahraini artist Roqayya, Iraqi artist Baker Khaled, Ali Al Jasmi, Karim Al Khatib and Zad Khalifa. “I also worked with the Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan, so I filmed his trip to Lebanon from his arrival at the Beirut airport to his departure. I also worked on the editing of the Kuwaiti series (Noon and What They Know) and shot a commercial for it.

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Jack worked with Haifa Sarbal in his expat project “Cedar Ambassadors” which was shown on the Lebanese MTV screen. “I learned a lot from this experience and moved through the program in different countries. It gave me a lot of information in the field. He concludes: “I feel like I am running against time in my thoughts because of my passion for travel and the general and useful information I get.”

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