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Sustainable Transport .. 5 National Plans Implemented by Egypt to Facilitate Climate Change


Department considered Fixed traffic One of the most important areas in the past was the implementation of 5 national projects by the Government of Egypt in the past to implement more sustainable projects, after issuing regulations on environmental sustainability criteria for all projects to address climate change. Until 50% new projects by 2024 and 100% green by 2030.


– The first project came in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Environment, the United Nations Development Program and the Global Environment Facility, to work on the introduction of a high-quality bus system and to make car owners aware of the need to use the public. Transportation in their daily commute with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are closely linked to global warming.


2 – The second project is an extension of Metro Line 3, a metro network in Cairo that uses millions of people daily, and work is underway to implement the 4th line, and construction is currently underway.

3- The third project is linked to the President’s initiative to convert new cars running on natural gas into old cars for individuals. The project aims to replace 250 thousand cars within three years.

4- The fourth plan is to convert cars to natural gas, reduce emissions of air pollution and combat air pollution in Greater Cairo. Transportation in Alexandria, Egypt, with funding from the World Bank, the Cairo Public Transport Authority receives 100 electric buses, and the first bike-sharing system was implemented at Fyom Governorate to encourage citizens, especially young people, to contribute to reducing emissions. , And the test is expected to repeat itself in Cairo Downtown.

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5- The Fifth Plan deals with electric buses, and contributes to reducing vehicle emissions by supporting the experience of electric bus systems in the public sector and infrastructure, including electric charging stations, and assessing technical and financial feasibility.

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