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It is Parliament’s responsibility to identify and punish those involved in selling Sadat’s passport


Passport of President Sadat

American auction house “Heritage” surprised its predecessors by offering the late Egyptian president’s diplomatic passport for public auction.

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Karim Talat Sadat, a member of the House of Representatives and grandson of the late president, submitted an urgent statement to representatives and ministers in parliament after the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s passport was auctioned in the United States. The government should identify and punish those involved.

Sadat’s grandson has explained that the late president gave a lot to the country during his life and he does not have the right to sell his passport in a foreign auction as this is an unacceptable shame for the family. Or the Egyptian people who worship the late president.

Passport of late President Mohammad Anwar Sadat

Sadat’s grandson confirmed that the spread of President Sadat’s passport photos and news of the prospect of foreign auctions angered the pioneers of the communications platform, saying, “As Egyptians, we do not accept the sale of Sadat’s rich history in this. It is a shameful way not to move to stop it.”

The parliamentarian asked how the passport came from Egypt, stressing that the family and the family had nothing to do with it, even though the president’s property was only in the Mid Abu Al-Kum museum, the baronic village and the Alexandria library. Passports are auctioned from abroad.

Passport of late President Mohammad Anwar Sadat

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Al-Sadat called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant authorities to quickly intervene to restore the passport to its true and original condition and hold the relevant authorities accountable.

American auction house “Heritage” surprised its predecessors by offering the late Egyptian president’s diplomatic passport for public auction.

The incident sparked widespread controversy and raised questions about how Sadat’s passport was delivered abroad and who was behind supplying and selling it to the auction house.

According to the data of the auction house, the passport is classified diplomatically, no. 1 and was issued on March 19, 1974, valid until March 18, 1981.

He explained that in 1978 he traveled to the United States on Sadat’s passport, where he met former US President Jimmy Carter and signed the Camp David Accords with the Israeli prime minister.

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