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It lasted for 7 hours.. “Twam” performs a complex operation on a cancer patient


Tawam Hospital, affiliated to Abu Dhabi Health Services (SEHA), performed a complex operation on a patient in his forties, which lasted for over seven hours, who complained of gastrointestinal bleeding, abdominal obstruction and acute. Physical fatigue.

The medical team of the oncology department of Tawam Hospital worked on developing an integrated treatment plan for the patient based on emergency surgery to remove the tumor-affected organs arising from the colon. Abdominal wall, the patient says: “I suffered a lot, this tumor controlled my life, for a moment I thought my life was over” Honestly, I want to have hope after thinking that the tumor invaded me. . The past few months have been like a whirlwind, choosing to seek treatment at Tawam Hospital and my trust in the expertise of the hospital’s doctors has been a real turning point for me. It gave me hope in life again. , and thanks to the medical team and hospital administration for their care and psychological support during my treatment.

Dr. Omar Bakhtash, consultant surgeon at Tawam Hospital, said: “When the patient arrived at Tawam Hospital, various medical specialists thoroughly evaluated his condition and carried out a coordinated series of clinical analyzes and analyses. The patient was suffering from a tumor. In the upper left part of the abdomen, extending from the body of the stomach to four organs, the last part of the band, the spleen and the left part of the colon.

The Medical Director of Tawam Hospital, Dr. Dalal Al-Mansoori, thanked the team of doctors and surgeons who contributed to the accurate and quick diagnosis and appreciated the great support of the rational government with the aim of achieving the prestigious medical care of the Emirates. Abu Dhabi in particular and the Emirates in general. Get back to normal life in no time.

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Bagdash added, “We are delighted to be a part of the patient’s transformational journey. We are committed to ensuring excellence in patient care and operations and realizing SEHA and Pure Health’s vision to position Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a world-class healthcare hub.”

When the patient said, “I thought for a moment that my life was over, I was suffering from a tumor and its complications, last few months I saw a fast-moving spiral and desire to seek treatment at the Penance Hospital. , and my faith in the expertise of the doctors at the hospital, which It was a real change for me and it gave me hope for life again.I thank the medical team and hospital management for their care and psychological support during the treatment.

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