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Azhar Yasin reveals details about his new film “Shamarek” and the status of late actor Mustafa Darwish’s participation in it.


The artist declared Azhar Yasin Details about his new movie “Shamareq” opposite actress Amina Khalil and directed by Amar Salama. The film worked to deliver a certain level of expertise as it always promised to deliver works of art to the audience. They deserve it.

Azhar Yasin confirms using a Korean expert to execute the action sequences

During an interview with the show “ET in Arabic”, the artist Asher Yassin mentioned that a Korean national specializing in action training was hired and trained with him six months before the start of filming. Training in action close to street fighting, but in a specific artistic way.

Late artist Mustafa Darwish’s participation in the movie “Shamarek”.

Artist Azhar Yasin also spoke about the fate of the character played by late artist Mustafa Darwish, who passed away in the past and participated in the film: “The events of the film will not happen. Change almost 90% of Mustafa’s scenes as he shot them in the film.” And I would like to express my deepest condolences to his family and myself personally as he was a dear friend and my brother. The release of the late artist Mustafa Darwish, the picture that brought them together from the series of Suds in Arabic, through his account on “Facebook” a few hours before he left our world, the artist Asher Yassin said: “For me this is a last farewell from him, may God take care of him with his mercy. will take.”
During the meeting, during the events of Shamarek, artist Azhar Yasin spoke about his collaboration with artist Amina Khalil: “Amina is a friend and a dear sister, whom we have previously presented in the film Sahib. Al-Maqam, and we have chemistry together and enjoy working together as friends.
About his return with director Amar Salama after an absence of many years, artist Azhar Yasin explained that they wanted to work together again 13 years ago and had an idea for a film called Shamarek. It didn’t have the same name at the time, and about the meaning of the word Shamarek, which revolves around the film’s story, Al-Shamarek explained that it is a burning need, a journey of purification for the hero. , he tries to purge himself of his past and achieve explosiveness.
It is noteworthy that director Amr Salama had confirmed in the middle of this month that it would be difficult to release Shamarek within the Eid al-Adha film season, but there is a possibility of showing it in summer season films. The idea of ​​work has haunted him for 15 years and he promises the audience a fun and entertaining journey.
Director Amr Salama said in a press release that the theme of the film is action and comedy, but to a lesser extent the events of the film are full of fireworks and missiles and interspersed with love story. Because of the different musical experience.

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