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“It's like a dream.” A diver explores thousands of years old sea caves in Saudi Arabia


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The waters of the Red Sea are famous for having countless fascinating coral reefs and rare marine life, making them a fascinating destination for divers.

Saudi Arabia's beaches are characterized by sea caves that were formed thousands of years ago and contain some of the most beautiful secrets of the world's marine life, according to the Saudi tourism website “Visit Saudi”.

Only about half an hour by boat from the coast of Jeddah, there is an unparalleled visual pleasure when diving into these caves and passageways, where there is an opportunity to explore marine environments that cannot be seen outside the caves.

In the impressive video clip, the Yemeni diver stands out Yasir al-Sruri, an adventure where the sun's rays penetrate enchantingly between those caves and crevices. (Watch video above)

Al-Sarori, an underwater photographer born in Saudi Arabia, told CNN Arab: “It is no secret that the Red Sea is full of different types of corals and marine life, which attracts diving enthusiasts. All over the world.”

Al-Sarouri believes that the Abu Defender area, located north of Jeddah, is considered one of the most important cave diving sites in the Red Sea.

The Abu Defender area is characterized by its pristine natural beauty, the clarity of its waters, its deep caves and coral reefs that reflect the sun's rays with their bright colors. creatures, according to the “Visit Saudi” website.

Al-Zarori explains that the site has large coral reefs about two thousand meters long, large and spacious cavities and caves at different depths, making the diving experience within it “like a dream”.

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He adds: “The sun's rays filter through these cracks to create this stunning sight.”

A video clip shared by Al-Soururi mentioning the comments he received about wanting to dive at this site in Saudi Arabia was praised and surprised by his followers.

However, the “Visit Saudi” website states that the cave diving experience requires restricted movement to maintain the integrity of the coral reefs, accompanied by instructors specializing in cave diving, and following all safety and security procedures. Do not forget that during this adventure he will enter crowded places, so the diver needs prior training, cave diver qualification and a technical diving certificate called “Full Penetration Diving”, which requires experience, training and equipment.

There should also be an understood language between the team members, and sign language should be clear and understandable among all team members. Other major dangers include losing one's way or not being able to determine the passage's exits, so the diver must be accompanied by specialized divers who use navigational equipment to identify exits. It is preferable to dive during the day to see the creatures more clearly and feel safer.

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