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It’s like a horror movie. Get to know this rare tree in the Sultanate of Oman


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – With its majestic size and amazing shape, this giant tree looks like part of a horror movie, but it is also one of the rare trees to grow in the Sultanate of Oman, especially the Tofar Governorate.

The poplar tree, whose scientific name is Atansonia digitata, is considered one of the rarest and most endangered trees, according to the Oman News Agency.

The poplar tree is one of the rarest and most endangered trees in the worldThanks: Hussein Bani Saad / @bani.saad

It is known as one of the largest and largest trees in the Sultanate of Oman, at 15 meters above the level of the Arabian Peninsula, while its trunk is approximately two meters in diameter.

The plant life in the Omani Governorate of Thofar is rich in such valuable and rare wood found in many states in the Governorate.

Babab tree
The poplar tree is currently one of the largest and largest trees in the Sultanate of Oman and the Arabian Peninsula.Thanks: Hussein Bani Saad / @bani.saad

Aside from being rare and threatened with extinction, the strange shape of this giant tree aroused the interest of Omani photographer Hussein Bani Saad, who documented it in the Topar Governorate.

Bani Chad told CNN in Arabic that the size of the “pop” tree, with its trunk about two meters in diameter, was an unfamiliar sight to us in other trees.

Babab tree
The leaves of the poppy tree bloom in the fall and then fall in different seasons, this photo was taken last December. Thanks: Hussein Bani Saad / @bani.saad

Bani Chad was keen to document this perennial tree, which is estimated to be about 300 years old, once in December last year and in August last year.

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During its documentation last December, Bani Chad described the tree when all its leaves had fallen off: “I saw that it was dead, and its branches were dry, and without leaves, which frightened and frightened its shape. The tree’s branches upside down.” Look like veins. Mankind.

Babab tree
The age of the giant poplar trees in the Omani Governorate of Tofar is estimated to be about 300 years.Thanks: Hussein Bani Saad / @bani.saad

For the Omani photographer, globally known as “Babab”, this tree is a unique tourist attraction in the Topar Governorate, which attracts visitors and those interested in plants from both inside and outside the Sultanate.

During the kharif season, apart from the Jabal Samhan, the giant tree can be seen in its splendor in many places in the Tofar Governorate, such as the Hashir area in the Mirpath district and the Talkut district in the western region. The highest peak of the Thofar is 2,100 meters above sea level.

It is noteworthy that the tree stores a large amount of water with its trunk during the rainy season and uses it during the dry season.

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