March 21, 2023

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James Franco confesses to raping his students in a studio he founded to teach acting

James Franco confesses to raping his students in a studio he founded to teach acting

American actor James Franco, 43, confessed to harassing and sexually abusing female students in the studio he founded to teach acting in 2014, and lasted nearly three years before closing.

In an interview with American radio station Sirius XM, Jess Cage told the podcast that while Franco was teaching acting lessons, he admitted that he “had various relationships with female students and that this was wrong”, but he denied it. He set up the studio in order to attract women for a national purpose. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC”.

Franco said he had been silent for years about the allegations about his studio because “some people were angry at him and he should listen to it”.

Sarah Tether-Kaplan and Tony Calf Franco tried to form a female team to work with, but they “enjoyed her exploitation both personally and professionally in the name of education”.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles in 2019, where it was alleged that Franco used his position to solicit opportunities for roles in his films.

Both students said they had been the victim of a fraud; Exploited and intimidated paid to learn acting. When the charges first surfaced, Franco said they were “false” because his lawyers called them “false.”

But Franco eventually had to pay compensation to Tether-Kaplan and Cal and the others who sued him.

These statements are the first attempt to speak openly about the actor’s allegations. When asked how he did not respect the teacher’s duties to students, Franco replied, “At the time, my mind was not clear.”

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Franco is best known for his work with Seth Rogen on several films. Franco directed several works in which he co-starred with Rogen.
Franco was nominated for a Best Actor Award at the 2011 Academy Awards for his role in “127 Hours” directed by Danny Boyle.

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