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Readings on novels and plastic arts in the new issue of Al-Jawba Culture Magazine


Ahmed Mansoor

Sunday, December 31, 2023 at 03:00 AM

Issue No. 81 was published Al-Jawba Magazine From the Abdul Rahman Al-Sudairi Cultural Center, the inaugural issue was published by Editor-in-Chief Ibrahim Al-Hamid, then Studies and Criticism: A Reading of the Stone of Happiness Novel by Azhar Georges – Abdullah Al-Najdi.

We also see writing in “Ani Arno” magazine breaking free from its shackles – Mahmoud Hassanein, and “Poetry Report…Abdul Rahim Umar Diwan songs are an example of peace! – Ammar Al-Junaidi… Space story in the novel “Killing a Doll by Hamid Al-Sharif” , Samira al-Zahrani The Marginal Poet of Actions When Monolithic Weather Dominates Abdallah al-Saikhon – The Smell of Dirt by Hamad bin Aqeel, and Tales of Escape Time – A Semiotic Reading of the Poem Green Man in the Novel by Rashid al-Qudhairi and Alexandria (2050). Sobhi Fahmawi – Dr. Mohamed El-Shanty.

We are the stories in the books – Abdul Haq Al-Salmudi Al-Sharaf – Dr. Sawad Fahd al-Sayed. When she was silent he told her – Muhammad al-Rayani and red food – Muhammad Sorour. Don't drown! – Samar al-Jobi, and one name on the honor roll – Masada al-Yami. Wash off the water! – Dr. Faisal Khalaf has not yet left his childhood – Murad Najeh Aziz, two stories – Fatima Abdel Hamid, Ya Rafiq al-Sahab – Shafiq al-Abadi. Handal – Nadia Al-Zalmi. A path counting steps – Muhammad Arsh, a seeker of light – Hosam al-Shutaifat, drowning waves – Mustafa Mel.. silence on your lips – Malak al-Khalidi. After you decide to leave me – Shahar Deep. Inscriptions – Mona Hassan. Two Poems – Issam Abu Zayd, A Mahabal Tale – Al-Omari's Turkish. She is, my lady – Ahmad Nimr al-Khatib. In conflict, al-Jawba magazine interviews Qasim Hadad – interviewed by Omar Buqassim, it also confronts American translator and orientalist Alex al-Nisan – interview: Hassan al-Wassani…… and it interviews Swedish writer Elisabeth Nemmert. – Interviewed by: Nisreen Al-Bakhshonji.

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In the windows of response we find an essay telling the story of silence with a plastic artwork, Abu Zahra's Tarab, with feathers – written and lensed by: Ziyad Jayousi, an essay on reading as an act of writing – Jamila Amayra, and an essay from Alif to T by Saad Al-Rifai – Dr. Abdullah al-Haydari, and Stephen Zweig write Lute the Second Wife Matthew Linden – Translated by: Siham al-Wadudi, and the article “My Journey” in the International Visitor Program – Ahmad al-Awda and Ibrahim al-Nasr's article al-Humaydan 1352- 1434 AH / 1933-2013 AD – Muhammad al-Kashami.

The Art of Poetic Caricature – Abdel Salam Barouk, and Essay in Saudi Journals and Their Impact on Establishing a New Literary Term (Nadira) as a Pattern – Dr. Hoda Bint Muhammad Al-Mutlaq, and Ascension to the Ceilings – Muhammad Ali Hasan Al-Jifri and Al-Jawba, a Study of the Goals of Soueif – Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Hafiz Khalafallah, and among the readings we find a reading entitled We. “Love is the Answer, A Reading in the Book of the Art of Love,” by Safia Al-Jifri, and the Book of Al-Jandal by Douma…An Archaeological Site and Open Museum – Ghazi Khairan Al-Mulhim, and the Context of the Arabic Language and the Origins of Journalism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Article by Kinwa Abbas and Kundera (The Farewell Waltz) – Salah al-Qurashi, and the cover painting is a picture of bunches of hawthorn plants. Fruits in Sakaka

Notably, Al-Jawba is a quarterly cultural magazine that is part of the Publication and Research Support Program at the Abdul Rahman Al-Sudairi Center in Al-Jawb, Saudi Arabia.

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